Using Vacuum Plates to Clean Your Pool

vacuum plates

One thing that many pool owners complain about is the vacuum they have bought doesn’t work well enough to get all the leaves out of their pool. Sometimes they’ve even complained that it won’t remove all the leaves even though they thought that the manufacturer said that it would. So now they are looking for ways to remove all the leaves out of their pool – even if it means having to spend more money on pool cleaning tools. Fortunately, there are solutions for removing all the leaves in your pool. One of these solutions is vacuum plates. Let’s see what these are and how can they be used to effectively clean your pool.


Vacuum Plates is very efficient when it comes to removing leaves from your pool – even when the vacuum head isn’t in use. Skimmer Vacuum Plates usually fits above the skimmers, which prevent leaves from falling into the pool, and you also get the pool vacuum head fit above the vacuum plates. These vacuum plates are sometimes used to cover the pool, and are available in various sizes and shapes depending on how much space you have.


To use these vacuum plates, just attach them above your head, and start pushing the vacuum plates down. As they fall, the water gets vacuumed through the plates and it then sucks up all the dirt and debris into its container – all without disturbing your pool. They come with different attachments, so it’s a good idea to look around before you buy one and buy the one that best suits your needs. There are some that you’ll need to buy separately like the suction head or suction pads. However, once you’ve got them all, you should notice a huge difference in the quality of your water.

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