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The Truth About Halal CaterersThe Truth About Halal Caterers

Halal Caterers are food service suppliers that adhere to Islamic principles of food preparation and serving. They must prepare and serve food according to Islamic law, which dictate the types of food that a Muslim can eat, and the methods by which it is cooked. Halal stands for “lawful” and the word “halal” literally means “legal” in Arabic and is usually translated as “lawful” or “legal”. The term “halal” is sometimes used interchangeably with “lawful”, and sometimes to refer loosely to any type of food that is Islamic. Some caterers may offer non-halal food on occasion and as a concession to customers who are unable to find halal food available for their religious reasons. Read More –

Halal Catering and Planning

In order to be categorized as a Halal Caterer, the caterers must follow strict Islamic criteria regarding what they must serve and how they must serve it. They are expected to have a knowledgeable staff that knows the Islamic dietary laws, which are based on the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah (the life of Muhammad). They also must display their menu and their services on a standard menu that is posted in a conspicuous place, like a door, so that every customer can easily see what they are eating. Halal food cannot include pork, beef, or shellfish. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. A Halal caterer cannot serve alcoholic beverages to their customers, nor can they provide alcohol to children under the age of 16.

A Halal Caterer must always follow the rules of Islamic etiquette and manners. It is their responsibility to be clean and well groomed at all times, and they must keep their dishes, utensils, and anything else that they use for cooking in pristine, sanitary environments. They should wash their hands thoroughly after preparing food and after using the restroom. Halal catering companies must keep records of their sales and receipts, so that they can keep an accurate accounting and tax records. Finally, all Halal Caterers must be licensed and certified by state health departments to ensure that the food they prepare for public consumption is nutritious and safe for a wide variety of people.