A Brief Guide For Choosing a Bike Phone Mount

There are a number of reasons why you might want to buy yourself a bike phone mount. For some people, it is all about safety. If you are someone who often rides on your bike through the woods or through other unpaved locations, it is very important that you have something to secure your phone on when you are doing these types of things. Without a bike phone mount, you would be left high and dry if your phone somehow got caught in the tree branches or a rock and fell to the ground. Having a phone that is secured can prevent the need for an expensive and maybe even dangerous phone call to someone to get them help, which can be a real downer if it happens to you.

bike phone mount


Another reason to get a bike phone mount for your mountain bike is the style that it looks good with your bike. There are a number of different styles that you can get your phone mounted to, and there are some that are made specifically for a certain type of bike, such as the Harley Davidson style, which can really look quite neat on a Harley. You can also get ones that look great on cruisers and other bikes, which can make them even more convenient for riders, since you will not have to take your phone with you every time you ride your bike. Some phone mounts are made to go over a specific handlebar. This can really make your bike look more complete and fashionable.


Make sure to do your research before deciding on which type of phone mount is the best for you. Make sure that you check out the size of your handlebars, as well as the size of your phone if you are using one. Make sure that you read the instructions that come with the mount, so that you know how to install it properly. When you purchase your bike, make sure that you get a phone mount that goes directly on the handlebars. It is much better for your safety if you can get it on there while you are putting the bike on because it will keep the phone from moving around and getting knocked off of the handlebars. If you are putting the phone on through the console, then you need to make sure that it is installed directly on the seat because you do not want it to fall off through the backseat.

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