April 24, 2021

Executive Protection Offices

American Executive Private Security (AES) is an offshoot of American Protective Services and offers independent investigative services, information and support for corporate clients who are perceived as a high risk to the security of society in general. The company offers three divisions which are dedicated to Corporate Investigations, Corporate Security and the Prevention of Security breaches & Loss. Their main aim is to provide world-class security services with a strong accountability policy. They offer state of the art equipment and highly trained agents for corporate surveillance needs. They also offer specialized training programs to help corporate executives who need extra coaching and counseling on how to effectively handle confidential personnel matters.

Bodyguards For Hire – Ex Military Specialists Providing Exceptional Security

Corporate Investigations (CSI) is the division responsible for the detection and prevention of security threats or infiltrations into businesses and corporations. This encompasses all forms of security threats and is typically employed by executive private security agencies for purposes of employee theft and fraud detection. General CSI assignments include performing background checks on prospective employees, corporate security guards, executives, entrepreneurs and executives, contract workers and consultants, and all other types of individuals who frequent or have access to sensitive information or sensitive or highly guarded environments.

Corporate Security (CS) is responsible for providing executive protection and executive security for executives and employees of all types of organizations. This encompasses security personnel for construction concerns, government agencies, hospitals, defense industry facilities and even oil companies and their personnel. The mission of CS is to prevent and deter security threats by implementing policies and procedures to improve safety and conduct training programs to educate executives on the assessment and management of various security threats. CS security personnel are also responsible for executing assigned tasks and conducting secret operations. In order to maximize executive security efforts and in line with state and federal security requirements, CS personnel must be well-trained and self-sufficient in order to achieve their personal and organizational goals.