The Zicopy vinyl sticker paper for laser printers: 15 top quality sheets with an eco-friendly ink that won’t harm plants or animals. Print a test page using the recommended printer settings and when needed, edit and reprint as many times as necessary to get the best finished product. When your advertisement is printed on vinyl sticker paper it will look like a traditional ad and can be used on store shelves or mailed out. If you want to create custom designs, the sheets are also available in several colors.

How To Use Zicopy Sticker Paper For Inkjet Printers

The Advantages of using Zicopy vinyl sticker paper: When using your inkjet printer to create advertising it will be important to note that it is only one of many options available. While it is designed for use with inkjet printers it can also be printed directly onto standard letter size paper. This paper features the same properties and benefits as any other type of printing paper so can be used in your regular inkjet printers as well as on inkjet printers that aren’t designed for printing vinyl. It is also a good choice to use when creating custom designs to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you had in mind.

The Advantages of using Zicopy vinyl sticker paper for inkjet printer applications: For high quality printing you require sheets that are printed from a high quality printer. This is because the vinyl material requires a high amount of ink to cover it with a very thin layer of coating. When using a printer capable of this type of print there are endless possibilities and uses. You can create your own unique designs, decorate your vehicles, use them for decorative borders around a computer screen or your CD cases or make large wall murals – it’s just endless!


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