Miroslav Vyboh

The most famous Italian racing driver of the eighties, Miroslav Vyboh was also known for his winning speed and charisma. He retired in 1999 and has been nominated for the Order of Merit of the State of New York. A Ferrari car racer, Vyboh always had a passion for speed. His first passion was racing on the track, where he won several races. Later, he became interested in automobiles and built his own name in the field. Today, he is recognized as the most admired figure in the field of motor racing.

A Ferrari car racer must have an attractive personality to be able to succeed on the open road. Miroslav Vyboh’s charisma carried him all over the world. After retirement, he ventured into politics, but returned to his private life. According to some sources, Vyboh built a small model of his own. Since he was a man of action and with a high level of intelligence, this was considered as one of his greatest achievements.

Some say Miroslav Vyboh was the person who invented the manual transmission, which made car racing even more interesting. Also considered as one of the most original and creative car racers of all time, it is interesting to know that there is a lot of skepticism surrounding his career. However, there are many people who believe that Miroslav Vyboh deserves every accolade given to him. It is certain that the man is the greatest car racer of all time and in addition, he is considered to be a very charming and generous personality.