The Coinswitch Review is one of the most popular blog posts in the Internet and it talks about how this virtual private network, or the MPN for short, works. It is an online payment facilitator that allows its members to make instant and secure transactions with other members of the site through the use of various online currency exchanges. In addition, this service allows its members to get commissions from any activity or transaction fees they incur. This is a perfect solution for people who are involved in multi-country trading, as transactions would be much easier and faster compared to the regular use of credit cards and money transfers.

A Coinswitch Review – What You Should Know About This Global Currency Exchange Platform

However, there is more to Coinswitch than just a good payment processor and a global merchant account. This platform allows its users to also enjoy a feature called the “Referral Program”. This feature enables them to earn money by referring other members to join the Coinswitch community and earns them different rewards, such as free trades, reduced transaction fees and even referrals to other members earning even higher rewards.

The “Referral Program” also works in conjunction with the Coinswitch Review’s own two currency exchange aggregators called X Trader and Oanda. Through the refer-a Member’s Account, one is enabled to earn credits that they can use for purchasing any of the coinswitch services and commodities they want. As for the “Referral Program”, it functions similarly like the currency exchange aggregators whereby traders can earn credits based on the activities of other traders and refer their friends to join the program. These credits can then be converted to cash and used to purchase any service offered by Coinswitch.


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